Saturday, November 12, 2011

a right of passage

my mom used to draw.
she had this fancy chalk set.
i remember watching her take it out and drawing.
i loved the colors.
i love the square chalks.

once i got old enough she let me use them.
what a pleasure.
today they are mine.
we dug them out (honestly, dug them out) this morning for art.

the colors still delight me.
though this morning i was the one saying, "be careful" and "put the colors back in the right spots."
this morning i passed on a right of passage to our children.

we were to draw those pears.
they seemed WAY too much for daughter.  she switched to an apple.
here's what we ended up with.

daughter's ended up looking the best.  maybe we all need to do a bunch of complaining for our art to turn out so nice.

son turned a practice pear into a punk avocado.

we ate the model pear i used tonight.

son did two.  here's his black and white version.

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