Wednesday, November 9, 2011

honey we got a new dog...

I had to pick up hubby.  I told him I'll bring our new dog.
His reaction was classic.  Something close to "WHATTTTT!"
Anyway, we only got our dog, Charlie groomed.

He was pretty much like this when we got him.
We have tried to keep up on his dreadlocks, but really to no avail.

So, he had to get shaved very short.  He actually isn't unhappy, just a bad shot.

We are still getting used to his new look. 
He is so soft and easy to brush.
He just gets cold so easy now.
I will have to take some pics of his clothes!


Anonymous said...

Most people who own this type of dog up here in Canada clip their dogs hair/fur in mid spring or early summer so the dog doesn't suffer in the heat. I've never known a dog owner of any breed that clips their dogs hair/fur to do such a thing in the fall/winter seasons. Is it's pretty warm in the winter where you live?

Pressed Petals said...

it does get cold. we did want to wait until it warmed up, but he was matted pretty bad and it was only getting worse. plus when he'd go outside/on walks he'd always end up with stickers in his fur. we've only had him a few months. now his fur coat is nice and we can stay ontop of it and hopefully he won't get so matted.