Tuesday, November 1, 2011

october obsevations

*when my kids step it up and are a bit better then normal,  i find myself wanting to step it up as well.
*when someone dies things (emotions, thoughts) get all jumbled up, especially if you're not sure if they knew Jesus.
*nothing says home like your own bed after a long trip.
*family is always worth the drive.
*teaching your kid to drive can make you a more cautious driver.
*those first "i am not ready for this." feelings do give way to "i can't wait until you can go to the store on your own for me."
*macaroni and cheese taste really good if you haven't had it in a LONG time.
*hearing our kids talk and laugh together, never grows old.  wish i could bottle it up.
*i do love those rainy days.  wish we had them more.
*setting schedules can do weird things to our son.
*cold, rainy days aren't meant for school work.

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