Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the party-the details

i know some of you wanted to know how we made the decorations.
i bought a big stack of 45's from an online yard sale.
drilled holes in 7 of them (see pic 3).
then threaded them with thin twine, reajusting the distance as i went.
laid them out to make sure they wer all straight. 
no measuring, just eye-balled each hole.

daughter made the decals.  we glued them on.

then i glued the lettering and glittered them all up.  they really took a long time to dry.

the bowls.
the smaller albums took longer to "melt".
All i did was set the oven at 250 degrees F.
watched for the record to bend.
the small ones more or less just curled and i bent them some with my hands.

the biggers records bent right away like 2 minutes.  i took the out set them in a bowl and sort of pressed the center with a jar, shaping as i went.  they harden quickly.

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