Tuesday, January 10, 2012

life is like that

It all started with a Christmas card.
Well, it got restarted...I guess that's the word I am looking for.

Let me give you the back story.
Hubby was in the U.S.M.C.  It was 1992, Feb. I think.
We were fresh newly weds, 3 months.
He was getting deployed to Japan.
There was a deployment "party" for the spouses and families.
I didn't want to go, so I just picked hubby up afterward.
As I waited outside there was another wife, not at the party.
Angie and I met and became instant friends.
We were both young, newly wed, scared, our first deployment.
We clung to one another for 6 1/2 months.
She taught me how to make tater tot casserole in her kitchen.
We talked through her dog's parvo.
I drove to her place on base late at night after the wind blew my door open, scaring me half to death.
We took photos of each other for our hubbies.
We watched each other's wedding videos and cried. 
I got her a job at the local hospital where I worked.
She ended up going into that field.

Our hubbies, who didn't know each other, actually got put together in the armory and became friends. 
When our hubbies came home, all of the spouses waited and waited in this building.  Angie and I were stuck together, not talking, just watching and waiting.  Once we saw the buses driving up some how we were holding hands and I remember looking at her, we said something and then she let my hand go.  Her hubby was back.  My hubby was back. 
Somehow we lost touch.  Fast forward...my hubby got sent to Oregon for work. 
They live in Oregon.
The guys are getting together tonight.
Oh how I wish I was there.
I have thought of those 6 1/2 months with Angie so many times over the years.
So many times have I served that tater tot casserole.
Funny how in such a short time in our lives someone can have such an impact.


shelly said...

What a sweet memory--you got me all tearing up ;)

I love how God puts those special people in our lives during our time of deep deep need!!!!

David n Angie said...

Things always happen for a reason.