Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catching up

I know today's supposed to be Tool Tuesday, but I've spent some of the most precious time this evening catching up with my brothers, Josh and Zach. Josh and I talked (wrote back & forth) the most and am going back and forth with Zach. Man do they look grown up and handsome too. I am so encouraged to know that Josh is really living for God. We shared our testimonies. You know I rededicated my life when Josh was a baby. I stayed with our dad that summer to watch Josh and that is when I got my heart right. So it's really special to know that he is living for God now. I sure do wish we were all closer. You know I am very blessed to have such a family like I do. My brother Matt is saved and preaching the Gospel, sister saved, two of my other brothers are living for God. Only God could put this all together. He truely gave me beauty for ashes.
I do have a Tool for Tuesday, any form of communication you need to stay in touch with your family. Whether that be letters, the phone or the internet, Use that to keep in touch with your family.

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Anne of Alamo said...

This blog is an awesome tool! got my butt up and redid mine!

I am still looking for a good pic of MC hammer!!!!