Thursday, June 19, 2008

Theory Thursday

What a day! Had to go to Cruces today. We were in out first road block. It was kind of cool. Actually, it was hot. We were there, total for about 20 min. So I turned off the car. It got pretty hot. It seemed like we had to wait a lot today on the road. When you're used to just pulling right out & minimal traffic, I guess a few things can make it seem like a lot. The trip was successful though. Went to Hobby Lobby for supplies for the picture board at church. We even found a pool skimmer we really needed at Big Lots! The kids were good too!!!! Thank God for MP3's!
Okay onto Theory Thursday. It's summer which in our house means Summer Reading Program (SRP). This year Colleen is a volunteer!! She has been waiting for this all her life, really! The SRP is where kids read books and get prizes for them. They fill out book logs, 4 books to a log or you write the number of pages you read. For every log and/or every 200 pages you get a prize. You have to turn in 4 logs to get a free t-shirt. The girl & boy who reads the most gets prizes, etc. There are lots of prizes for many things. Colleen has come close to the most a couple of times. So as a volunteer she gets to hand out prizes and organize the logs. Perfect for her! She does it once a week.
The above picture is a little bit of the books they read in one week. Colleen reading more. Jared loves to listen to stories on tape and they don't count.
Hope your day is going good. I need to get and do laundry. I feel a ding coming on! Need to practice my bass (there's the ding) for band practice tonight.

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