Monday, August 30, 2010

the tale of two chairs

A quick note before I tell you about the chairs:
I have hardly taken any meds for the GERD in two weeks! 
I KNOW that God healed me, because I could not do that before. 
 I would be in alot of pain.
Priase God!

Now onto the chairs.
I may redo our kitchen table one of these days.
(out of my comfort zone) 
I may want to have mix-matched chairs.
(love it in mags and books, but not sure if I will love it in real life in my dining room.)
So with that in mind, I found this chair which is in need of some serious repair for 50 cents!! 
(even if I mess it biggie...50 cents!)
I took hubby over to the thrift store and asked him if it could be fixed. 
He gave me the go ahead. 
(which means he'll help.  heehee)
Some sanding, paint, material, and the back put on and she should look grand!

Remember this chair?
I showed it to you here.
I didn't redo much other then the fabric.
It is much nicer to look at.
I had photos of me working on it.  Where they are???
All I did was staple the fabric on,
draw lines on, tape and then paint.
Our son said it looks like a race car. 
(He hasn't seen the blogs with the feed sacks, etc.)
Hubby, is happy I am happy!

Now for the food!

I LOVE brisket!  I mean L.O.V.E.
I came up with this yummy recipe.
It's all to your tastes and depending on the amount of meat you have.

Clean Your Fridge Brisket
Brisket, here I used about 2-3 lbs.
Ranch Dressing, maybe about 1 cup
Sweet Pickle relish, 2 TBLS
Dijoin Mustard, 1 TBLS
Housain Sauce, just a dab, hubby isn't hip on the taste that much.
Soy Sauce. A shake, shake, shake will probably do.  Ok, shake some more, it's fun!
Mix your sauces in a bowl and pour over the brisket.
I had to make more.  I wanted the brisket to be good and covered.
Slow cook.  Shred with fork.  Spoon sauce from slow cooker over the meat.
Can be served with bread, as in a sandwich or eaten as is.


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Mandi said...

Oh so glad that the pain is (nearly) gone for now! I hope it is gone for GOOD.

That chair for 50 cents? I love it. Can't wait to see how it turns out. And the 2nd one-- I love the stripes. I think the idea of different chairs is awe.some.