Friday, August 20, 2010

heart of the matter

sorry that i haven't been creative lately.
we have been busy. of my favorite things to do.

here our daughter had her first driving lesson.
she did pretty good, though there was a strong smell of burnt clutch. 
i was in the car once she actually got going.
i have to be honest, i thought i would be calmer then i was. 
good thing i was in the back.

also, i mentioned earlier that i had been going through some stuff.
well, it's my health.
i didn't want to come on here and complain or make you all feel sorry for me.
but here it is.
it started out as a pain in my lower stomach.
then bad, really bad, stomach pain and problems.
(some of the things i feared, i did not have...thank GOD!)
GERD, high blood pressure (never had), meds and more meds, rapid heart beat, low potassium, too much blood work for my bruised arms, later.
(toss in fear, worry, doubt, etc.)
it has been a doctor filled few months.
here i am wearing a holter (hubby thought i had a holster).
he also said i look like a cyborg.  son says i am robot mom.
it will tell the doctor what my heart is doing, etc.
also had an echo (ultra sound of the heart) done.
i was supposed to wear the holter for 48 hours (no showers, etc.), but a couple of the little sticky pads kept coming off, even after i taped one of them.
so i took it off.  i lasted over 24 hours though.
i had to keep a diary of when i felt the symptoms.
press the button and write done what i was doing.

yesterday, i had a break through in prayer! 
it was really good. 
i know that God is my healer, my strength.
in the end i am victorious.

so please if you pray, please pray for me. 


Mandi said...

Oh my this is still going on? I thought you would tell me it was all over with. I'm so sorry! I guess I should say I "hoped" it was all over. Praying for you.


Monique said...

Hope you get an answer (and TREATMENT) soon, Christine!