Friday, August 13, 2010


Heard on the radio...

"Try our NEW Frosted Flakes with less sugar!"

Um, don't people eat frosted flakes for the sugar? 

As hubby was screwing in new latches on the cabinets and I was making dinner a stirring ad played about being a Marine.  You can hear the music, the manly voice, the pride...anyhow.
I asked him if he feels good when he hears marine commericals. 
To which he replied, "Yeah, sometimes."  Pause, then continued, "This one seems kind of emotional."
"It moved me." I reply.
"Maybe they are trying to recruit more women."


Mandi said...

"Frosted Flakes" and "sugar" in the same sentence makes me feel like I need to go brush my teeth.

Cyndi146 said...

Hey Christine...
yes I did know that you have a blog. I just don't browse the blogs like I used to. So I put yours on my google reader so I can see when you post new stuff. KIT!!