Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rock of Ages

Make sure you turn off the player at the bottom.
Here's the scene...
I hear the kids playing Rock of Ages on their guitar and drums.
"Hmm, they don't sound too bad.  Let me record them."
So I sneak to son's room, lay on the floor and put camera as near the crack as possible.
If they knew I was video taping they wouldn't play.
So I record son playing drums.
"Come on.I want to get you both."
Then this happened.


So they let me in.  They want me to sing for them.
They think I won't put the video on my blog with my voice!!
Haha!  Here it is...you may want to have earplugs handy!
Our daughter just learned this song and got stuck on the chorus.

(Please don't notice our son's room...it's a long story.)

Son told me to show you the words so you'd know what I was singing.
Sorry about the bouncing.
I had no idea I was keeping time.

I ended up joining them with my voice and bass, but things just went down hill from there.


alamama said...

YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! hate that video. My guitar playing sounds horrible. C.

alamama said...

mom its obvious that well see my room.J.