Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Funny Faces

We have been taking our kids to the library since...forever.
As soon as she was old enough, our daughter started to be a volunteer for the summer reading programs.
Thursday was the closing ceremony.
Here she is (yes the one covering her face), with her friend and library partner.

Okay, let me explain.  Our son is of the age that EVERYTHING and I mean everything I do is dumb or embarressing or both.  I have fun.  I get into music.  I make faces.
Well, he pulled out the camera thinking it would make me stop being silly.
HA!  I just got him in on it too.  He took a series of funny, cut off photos.

Now, here's the same son (my only son) getting prayed for. 
He and the other kids graduated from children's church.
Thank God for a Pastor who will pray for/over our kids. 
I honestly don't know who took the photos of the graduation. 
I was in the nursery, but poked my head out to see him go up.

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alamama said...

I look like idiot.J.