Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tickets, Thrift Store and Cleaning House

Good morning my faithful readers. 
Sorry for my absence.  We have been super busy.
For one, I have been cleaning out our house. 
I think I need to have a yard sale.

While cleaning out some cabinets in our laundry room,
I found these.  I bought them awhile back for our bathroom and
forgot about them.  I held them up in various rooms and they just didn't "go".
So off to the yard sale pile.

I have to give you a bit of background on this next photo.
I want to make a tray out of an old frame for our coffee table.
Have looked and looked.  I found one at Hobby Lobby...
it was on clearance...but they wanted too much.
My stinginess paid off.
I found this lovely frame for $2.50 at a thrift store.
Though I feel sort of bad for covering someone's painting and hard work,
I am going to do it anyway!

This morning I have all to myself, actually probably the whole day.
Everyone has a place to go today.
So I went yard saling!
My first stop was fruitful.  Ladies the house (which is in major need of repair)
was a vintage lovers, fancy high ceiling, delight.
The lady had some really good items but she was asking too much.
(Remember I am stingy.)
Then she said she has some items inside.
Honey, I want that house!
Oh, I know what I would do to fix it up.  Golly.
But it was also sad to see a house like that go to waste. 
It REALLY is going to take ALOT of work to fix her up.

Anyway, on the porch I spied some old doors and a long and lean
window pane.  (You know I LOVE those old window panes!)
I asked if she'd sell it.  Yes, and the price was what I had in my head!
Lady, you have yourself a deal!

I will post a photo later.

OH!  I forgot until I reread the title of this post about the ticket.
So, I am driving around town, yard saling, when a police man starts following me.
Ok, no biggie, I am going the speed limit.
He keeps following me.
I mean come on now, I am just yard saling officer.
(I did go over by about 5 miles at one point, but very briefly.)
We go by the hospital when he turns on his lights.
Now there's no one else around, so I know he wants me to pull over.
You know why?

One of our tail lights are out.

He was kind enough to just give me a fix-it ticket.

Happy Mother's Day!

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