Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Pics

Spring has sprung here. 
I will try not to bore you with too many flower pics.
Here are a couple...

Our fave!  we have these pink ones and white ones.
Son took the peony photos.

 A couple of weeks ago we planted a small garden.
Tomatoes, bell pepper, herbs, pickles (cucs) zuccini (two kinds), strawberries, asparagus and two kinds of greens are doing good.  Oh, onions too.  They are just sprouting.  We haven't had a garden in awhile so this was fun.  This area was once home to some box turtles.

Can you see it?  GRASS!  Son and I planted some seed a few weeks ago.  This area was bare. 

It came in in patches, but it's a start!
I have been going back and planting more seed in the bare spots.
Along with all of the grass we have weeds, tons!  I go out there and pluck away and you can't tell!
Hope your day is colorful!

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