Friday, August 26, 2011

It's the Little Things

Yesterday started off not so good.
I actually left the kids to do school on their own and went to a friends to vent.
I came home the kids had done the dishes, laundry was about done and their chores were done!
Gotta love that.  I am blessed.

Then this came in the mail.  It's from my grandma. 
 I had recently talked to her.  She and I share a love for gardens.  I told her that hydrangeas were one of my favorite flowers.  We really can't grow them here.  In here card she wrote of finding this card at the thrift store and thought of me, and some other nice things.  It really topped off my day.
 It's the little upside down stamp means "I Love You".  (at least in our family)
  And Sealed With A Big Kiss.

Go and make someone's day!


shelly said...

that is SO sweet! I love Grandmas!!!! Never knew about the upside down stamp...too cute :)

Pom said...

Well you definitely made me feel a lot better today! It's a pure joy reading this. The upside down stamp and SWABK are just so special. Thanks. <3