Saturday, August 20, 2011

life with teenagers

honestly, i don't feel old enough to have two teenagers.
but as i type i can't help but think of how our life is with teens.

take this little conversation from yesterday:
the kids were discussing the fair..."i don't want to throw up on the rides.", "i don't want to be on any rides with teenagers kissing.", "don't know what i am going to wear." and "what if i sweat." then proceeds on demonstrating many armpit moves.
the one who was worried about getting sick, didn't.  it was the other one.
and golly when we caught up with the kids two teens were very much attached (i will leave it at that).

our daughter drove to the fair and upon getting out son says "my pits are dripping."

mothering teens and toddlers are much alike.
you NEVER know what they are going to do/say next.
they grow and mature at such a fast pace.
some days you are all they need and know everything.
they are learning to be responsible (though the responsibility thing is much greater with teens.)
they look through the world through different eyes.
they want to do things for themselves (can be a con)
the emotions
the having to let go and let them fall and get up on their own while you watch.
the drama (sometimes)
their independence
the seeing your bad behavior/habits in them (that one is really evident as teens)
their loudness
the mess (but that goes with being a kid)
some days hubby and i are pulling out our hair, but most days we are laughing at (with) them or looking at each other with "what in the world?" looks.

I remember asking my MIL when do they "get it".  to which she quickly replied, "when they move out."

having teens also means i have no photos new to post only ones they took of themselves.

sure they may take forever in the bathroom grooming themselves, our nostrils are blown away with too much body spray and they have swapped out diapers for zit creams i do love having teenagers. 

one more funny quote from son:
while hearing a very deep voiced singer...

"he must have a very big johnny apple...seed hahaha"
he forgot what an adams apple was called.

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