Thursday, August 11, 2011

Passport to India

I am very excited about this news.
Last year through our Sonlight Cirriculum we watched a missionary video series on India.
I have had a burden for India and it's people, and this just furthered that burden.
(all photos are from the passport to india web site)
We followed Chris (the big American) through his travels in India. 
We saw their poverty in material things, and their richness in heart and smiles.
 We saw how they are starting schools and teaching children and adults about Jesus and His saving grace.
I loved it.  The kids loved it and hubby loved it.  (He had us wait until he got home to watch them.)
So, I couldn't be more thrilled to find out that they are doing this again this year!
You can go there yourself.
Your heart will be changed.

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shelly said...

I've bookmarked it! What a neat program :) A lot of our friends have been or are preparing to go to India this year...what a neat way to make it real for our boys! thanks for sharing!!!