Monday, August 8, 2011


Tomorrow we start school. 
8th and 10th grades!

So it's back to the board...

...the paperwork...

...hoping that the lights come on (stay on on some subjects).

Here's a brief line up:
*US history (i personally can't wait for fave!)
Stewardship (math)-daughter
*Life Science (have all of the first supplies ready to go)
*Easy Grammar (yes, i wrote easy.  i need all of the help i can get.)
SAT spelling-daughter
sequential spelling-son (please let this spelling work. please!)
singing-daughter (an ongoing lesson)
*stands for both of the kids are taking that.

There is more, but I didn't want to bore you too bad.
So, if I don't answer your phone call (before 12ish MST), let you in my house or watch my hair before noon, you know why! (just threw the last one in, sort of!)

In other news:
Today I:
started laundry, grocery shopped (did good too!), sent off a package.
Today I still have:
bills with hubby tonight, laundry, finish putting away groceries, make history copies, make sure all of the kids' school things are ready to go, make get the idea.
Soooo, I need to get off and get busy!

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