Saturday, October 22, 2011

Art Fridays

It's October and we finally have a pretty set schedule for school. 
Everyday is math, spelling, grammar, science (we are on hold as I ordered a new science) and music.  Mon-Wed I read history to the kids and they fill out their worksheets as I read.  Thursday they fill in any blanks on their own.  Friday we don't do history.  We do art instead.  I am LOVING art this year.
Here's what we did yesterday.  (This wasn't a cheap project as we had no paints.)
Got the idea here from Vinnie Pearce.
(Sorry, didn't edit the pics.)

Son's in the beginning stages.

Daughter's half way through.

Mine...ended up taking off the green tape and the leaves.


Son's finished.

Mine finished.  You should've seen me in Hobby Lobby picking out colors.  I knew going there what I wanted, but the kids picked out colors that were too similar.  I was driving son nuts!

Daughter's finished.

I really like how they look together. 

Son had to make one more that night.

He's now touching up our dining room chairs.  I created a nice painting monster!