Monday, October 3, 2011

In October

YIKES!  So sorry for the hugeness of the photos in the last post.  How embarrassing and distracting.  I tried to make them smaller.

Anyway, onto a real live post.  I'll try not to post too many ads for products.  Those two just fell one after another.

Last month I wrote I wanted to do a few things...let's see how I did.
remember my sister's b-day...Check

take the kids to see alpacas...Check
exercise more...does a two hour walk with hubby count?
have some ladies over
not get mad at hubby hunting so much...hence the two hour walk
make my first peach pie...made it and ate it!  it was good too.
spend more time with God...check
do some art with the kids...Check

Five out of eight...not too bad.

Now for October...just that name brings visions of autumn.
transfer files from pc to hard drive
clean out laundry room
exercise more (let's see how i do this month)
speak more positively
go on local train ride with kids
get to bed before ten more often

That's all for today.  Off to start homeschooling, showering, grocery shopping, clothes washing, slow cooker filling.

Have a great day!

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