Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A blur

You've probably noticed that I haven't posted in about a week.
We had to go to California for a funeral.  So, we stayed and saw a bunch of family.

My Grammy passed on Monday.
She was a tough, tenderhearted lady who had a BIG heart for kids.
Up to the day she died, she had little kids following her.
It was a nice, small service with her favorite meal dogs and beans.
So fitting.  (Don't get me wrong she was a classy lady, just very unassuming and down to earth.)
Though we had different faiths, a few things really got to me.
She and my Papa were very dedicated to their faith.  There was no question as to what they believed.
I asked myself a few times, "Am I as dedicated to to what I believe."  "Am I giving my all?"

While my Grammy lived with many physical problems, she was always smiling and concerned for other people.

She will be missed.


shelly said...

So sorry for your loss! Authenticity is something that I too struggle with---am I really walking the life that I talk....Deep thoughts for a Wednesday afternoon.


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

I'm sorry about your gramma-- she looks like the sweetest lady, ever. There's something soo sad to see a generation go, you know? Is this your last grandparent? (I've only got one left).

Dawn @ The Momma Knows said...

THAT is a precious picture right there. I work part time in a nursing home, and I just love to see the little elderly couples together. :)