Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Road Time Funnies

Some funnies from our trip:

Me: Is that corn? (Looking at short corn stalks.)
Hubby: Yes.
Me: It's really small, maybe it's baby corn.

Son: (upon seeing a covered speed limit sign.) Look no speed limit.

The kids and hubby noticed me taking out my little notebook and noting things.  They started making stuff up.  Like:
Day 3...I have gas.

I travel with my pillow everywhere.  So, as the road was endless, the stories started flowing.
One I wrote down was about me jumping out of a plane with my pillow strapped to the backpack.

Daughter got chocolate on her pants...right there...oh the drama!

Then as we drove through Yuma, AZ.  My jukebox of a hubby started singing the Numa Numa song.  Video follows!  (Oh not of hubby, but of the numa numa guy.)

One more for you.
After leaving AZ/CA checkpoint someone says...
You'll have to step out, this car smells like bananas.

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