Tuesday, February 21, 2012

all day shopping

Friday, the kids and I took off of school to do some much needed shopping.
All of the good stores are in the next city one hour away.
The day was cloudy and a bit blustery.

 Big city here we come.

 Trying on clothes at Ross.  Then Marshall.  Then Big 5.

Spinach Stromboli at the mall.  It was huge.  It was good.  Hubby had the rest for dinner.
In the mall we walked back and forth, from one end to the other trying to find a much talked about jewelery store.  Everything is a dollar.  We asked for help.  It is next to a lingerie store.  Which explains why we missed it.  We always look the other way at those stores.  After a long, club music headache later daughter and I had our little bags done.

Onto Hobby Lobby, then Old Navy.  Son and I were successful at finding a few items.  Daughter, not do lucky.  Poor girl is like me when it comes to clothes, especially me as a teen.

Finally we ended up doing a quick run to Sam's.  (EVERYTHING is out of town for us.)
The kids stayed in the car.  Their feet were killing them. 

We left the house at almost 10am and got home after 5pm.  Minus the hour drive one way, you have one long day!


shelly said...

I know that highway ;) You're making me "home" sick, lol!

We go to the city an hour away every 2 weeks...one big swoop of groceries and Target!

Anonymous said...