Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am still here.  Just not much exciting has been going on.
Yesterday, I reopened a smell paper cut while going to the doctors.
Almost dribbled some blood on the sign in sheet.
However, I did get a cool band-aid from the Dr.'s office.
 We have been fighting a cold for what seems like forever.  Daughter hasn't been able to shake it.
hence the visit to the Dr.

Been plowing away at my "project life".  I have filled one album and getting the second filled rather quickly.  
This is where I do most of the photo organizing.
The mess changes all of the time.
I am waiting for more photo sheets to come.

Son and our two dogs were enjoying the weather together on the bench.  
See his smile.  He didn't know I had the camera.

Opps, now he knows.  Even the little dog got up and left after the photo.

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