Tuesday, February 7, 2012

inner beauty

Sunday night I sat down in church, in the prayer room, when one of the dear ladies tapped me on the shoulder to tell me that she and her daughters were talking about inner beauty and how it makes a lady look even more beautiful, no matter what she looks like.  Her girls said "Like Christine." right away.  I was both humbled and challenged.

First, I didn't realize they were really paying attention to me or that I had that quality.  I had been praying about having a sweet spirit for some time and asking God to cultivate that in me.  It has been a rough one and therefore really didn't think much had happened as far as "sweetness" goes.

Then I prayed, "God let it be so."  Their comment challenged me to want to work even harder for that inner beauty that lasts beyond the years.  To really strive for it.  Funny how a child's timely words can uplift, bring blessing and motivate us at the same time.

The girls mom, is one of those ladies whose inner beauty is seen by all.

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Anonymous said...

I know I'm your mom and am bias but I have always thought that you were a beautiful lady, inside and out. Your outter beauty has come from somewhere God given, it hasn't come from me. Since you have been a Christian, you have always dress, woren your makeup in a very appropriate manner. You have always been very mindful of how you have come off to others. But it is nice to see that your efforts have been paying off, and I know that you will contintue to do what you can. Please remember also that your in my prayers. Love Mom