Saturday, February 25, 2012

close to my heart

I want to share with you lovely readers something that is close to my heart.
Some of you may have heard of it before.
Reece's Rainbow.
The mission of Reece's Rainbow is to rescue orphans with Down syndrome through the gift of adoption, to raise awareness for all of the children who are waiting in 25 countries around the world, and to raise funds as adoption grants that help adoptive families afford the high cost of adopting these beautiful children.

Meet some of the little ones who have touched grabbed my heart.

Bogdan, my sweet gift of God, oh how I longed to hold your squishy arms in mine...has just found a home!

Nico, his red hair and those eyes.  He was the first one who really made a place in my heart.

Jimmy, what a stinking cutie!

Kory, melted my heart right away...has found a forever family.

Victoria, my oh my what a doll...has found a home!

Meredith, her eyes...ahh so sweet.

Claudia, I just want to squeeze those sweet cheeks.

Aren't they just the sweetest?  I have more on my list and in my heart.
Reece's Rainbow, unfortunately, has many more available children.  Some with only down syndrome.  Others with many things going on.  In some of these orphanages when the child turns 5-7, sometimes as young as 4 they are sent to an institution.  Which I can only imagine...  I also read that in one of the orphanages the children/babies were chided for smiling or saying hello to the visitors.  That breaks my heart. 

Many of these precious babies have holes in their hearts.  Literally.  I just read about one young boy who got adopted and on his way home his hole closed up!  Does that not move you?!

I am doing what I can.  I have donated.  I have just signed up to be a prayer warrior.  Four of whom have gotten adopted!  Glory to God. 


Mom said...

I didn't know about this thanks for sharing. I will start to pray for them also. Love Mom

Mom said...

Oh my goodness, I just went to that site, it brakes your heart. Thanks for letting me know about this. I will left them up in prayer.

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Wow this just breaks my heart and warms it, all at the same time. I will never understand how other countries can put orphaned children so far down their list of priorities.

Definite prayers.