Monday, January 7, 2013

Let's Talk

I am going to start a new series of blog posts called Let's Talk.  I will be writing about lots of things from food, homemaking, husbands, kids, chores, running, etc.  Hope you enjoy.

First off, Let's Talk Hair & Hair Products

My hair has long been one of my favorite parts of my looks.  While at the same time one that takes the longs to maintain (other than my actual body).

In high school I used to spend at least two hours doing my 80's style hair.  Not to mention all of the trips to the girls restroom between classes, the list goes on for a long time.  We lived in the desert and sometimes had cars without A/C.  I was so vain about my hair that I would make a BIG fuss is anyone dared roll the windows down.
 (Me with Julie, high school best friends, 1989, 1990ish)

While I love the hair that I have, I do wish God had blessed me with wash and go hair, but He chose not to.   I don't have straight hair or nice curly hair.  I have frizzy, big hair.
I recently got a new style, which brought more curls.  I needed something to maintain them, but am picky about the products I put on my hair.  Not for health or earthy reasons, more like I don't like my hair to feel sticky, or my hands to feel yucky after touching my hair.  That sort of thing.

I bought this:
 Which produced this:
(all mine, except for a few curls with the curling iron.)

I LOVE Sprunch.  It helps the curls without looking wet or feeling hard.  It also doesn't get your hands yucky after touching your hair through the day.

I also, use these products to maintain healthy hair.
Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner, Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

What type of products do you use for your hair?  What type of hair you have?


Anonymous said...

Would this product work for short wavy hair. I like my hair best on the day after a shower and it looks great then after not so much.- Jan What do you think???

Pressed Petals said...

I would try it. It's not that much $$.

A said...

I use: Fructis Sleek and shine frizzy and dry unmanageable hair also!!! u already no what my hair is like Lol!! But I just like to straighten mine rather than scrunching it and to scrunch it I do it when it is wet and I use:Garnier Fructis style curl shaping spray gel is that Aussie sprunch spray like moose???

shelly said...

I have the same issue! I worried that the desert dry air would wreck havoc on my far no more than the usual! I use fructis curl calm down anti frizz lotion...swipe through wet hair and then I just go about my morning until it's pretty dry and straighten out my bangs a smidge. I might spray abut of spray, but not much. On days that I straighten the whole thing (off shampoo days), I am really loving the no humidity!!! It's like one quick swoop of the iron and straight :)