Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random and a Special Feature

It's Sunday.
I am cold...well my hands are.  I need to find my gloves.
Hubby is napping and the kids are at friends'.
Hot green tea is brewing.
I am skipping my usual Sunday nap to get caught up on a few things.
I think I am all caught up after vacation.  Seems like it took me longer than normal.

You all know my passion for  children with Down syndrome and adoption.  Well, I wanted to share some of those special kids that are up for adoption with you.  Maybe your heart will be moved, or someone's you know.  At the very least maybe you could pray for these kids to find a forever home.

Meet Marc (sorry for the blurriness, but I wanted to blow these up as much as possible.)
 Marc makes me happy.  You can't help but smile when you look at these photos.  I dare you not to get even a bit happy when you see his video.

It's time for Marc to get out of state care and into a family of his own! Marc is 11 years old and Hispanic. 
Diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Marc responds enthusiastically to music and loves to sing and dance. Any video or board game that includes music will always bring a smile to his face. Marc keeps himself entertained by coloring, and his ideal future family would be one that engages him and shows him a lot of love and patience.
The adoptive family MUST be willing to visit him a few times in South Florida, so the transition can be a successful one. Single and married families can apply, and he can go to any state. There are no fees for his adoption, and subsidies are provided. If you can travel to South Florida multiple times and are SERIOUSLY interested in Marc, please email Stephanie at Please share this post, and let's find Marc a family! 

Did you watch his video?  Did you not feel a bit happier?

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