Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Food

Okay, so the food has to be one our favorite parts of the trip to New Orleans.  We did eat at Bubba Gumps...okay.  One of our favorites was N'awlins Cafe and Spice Emporium.  It is right in the French Market.  Good 'ole southern/cajun food.  So good we went there twice, and would've gone there daily had we stayed longer.  That poor fellow had no idea I was taken a photo.  The waitress was right up there with some of the best.  It was a cold, cold day when we took the photo.  The red beans and rice which we mixed with our mixed greens was perfect on the cold day.  If you ever go to New Orleans, you've got to go here.

On one of our first days we had a muffuletta at the Central Grocery.  People line up for this sandwich!  Hubby bought a jar of the fixin's before we left.  That is half of the sandwich below.

I can't write about food without mentioning Cafe du Monde.  Beignets and Coffee.  Personally, I thought it was a bit over rated, but still yummy.  I do love that this cafe has been such a success with selling just two main items.  Note, make sure you aren't wearing black and it's not windy when you eat there.  The beignets are COVERED in powdered sugar.  I used the extra sugar for my coffee.  We actually got coffee from a different coffee shop.

This was another fave.  We ate there twice.  The pizza is awesome; the kids loved it.  The red beans and rice are thee best!  You can get a wide variety of food here. 
 See the brick building?  It is an US Mint which is also right across the street from our hotel.

Our last night there, we had Krystals, which you can skip.  Though Hubby liked it...he likes almost everything food.  Then we met up at MIL's place and some of the fam went to get oysters and came back with a small buffet. 
Overall, the food is AWESOME in New Orleans.  Something for everyone and most at a good price.

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