Saturday, January 12, 2013

Part of the Group

We all belong to communities, to groups.
If we work, our co-workers are our community.
If we home school that is a community...and so on.
Families with children with Down syndrome is one group I long to be a part of.  To truly belong to.
People with Downs stand out to me like...can't think of something fitting, but my eyes (heart) are drawn right  to them.
I am never quite sure if it's okay to introduce myself.  "Hi.  My name is... and I am going to be a part of your group one of these days, can we talk."
I usually just watch them pass on by and pray that our day comes all the sooner.
I feel like a soccer mom sitting in her fold out chair at a game cheering on a team where I don't know any of the players, but can tell you all of the moves, etc.

Well, today I did it...I introduced myself to a mom and her beautiful (truly beautiful) 17 year old daughter.  They kept passing me.  I had to say something.  I walked over to them as they were looking at burger buns and said, "Excuse me.  I just wanted to say your daughter is beautiful."  They welcomed me very warmly and we ended up talking.  I left so encouraged.  She is 17 and just graduated.  (Early)  She is going to go to college!!!  There is a special college near us just for graduates like her.  The mom was Korean I think, and the girl, she talked so well.  I was truly blessed to meet them.  I was encouraged to see what possibilities lie ahead for our Little A (the boy we are hoping to adopt).  Happy that I didn't offend them, and that they welcomed me so genuinely. 

It totally made my day!  Today I felt one step closer to being part of the group.

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