Monday, February 25, 2013

Day Off for Date

Last week Hubby told me that he was taking today off so we can do something together.
Whatever I want.
That is a tough one...there are a lot of things I'd like to do.  My mind goes blank when given the choice! ugh!
So, due to homeschool, laundry, and a budget here's what we did.
After devotions and breakfast we walked/jogged at the Foot Hills.

We got a dusting of snow over night and I thought I was going to be pretty hard core going out in the "snow".
I think it only snowed in our neighborhood.  There was not a trace of snow at the Foot Hills.
I tried getting a photo of the Foot Hills, but it is too wide and well, hilly to show you what it looks like. 
We walked up the weaving, up and down path ran down from the top.  Probably about two miles together.

At the top we took these.
Here's an oops, I hit the button too soon, shot.

Never mind the band-aid...I cut myself shaving!  Not really, but it sounds good.
You can't really tell, but I was trying to do my Bret Michaels impersonation with the whole ear warmer thingy over my head that way.

After showering and getting some needed things done I ditched the bad rocker look and got ready for our actual date.  What a difference a shower and styling can make!

We went to the missile range to bowl.
Hubby won both games.  I knew he would.  It was like old times.  One of our first dates was bowling in a very small bowling alley in the California high desert.  There were two "older" gents, who were REALLY into bowling.  They analyzed every thing.  One had a thumb guard, something on his wrist and forearm.  They kept pulling out ball after ball.  I had to laugh at myself, nearly breaking the floor with every gutter ball I got.  We had many good laughs though.

LOVE dates with Hubby!  So glad he likes them too.

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shelly said...

You guys got snow?!? Must be like the dark side of the moon...only the cold side of the mountain lol. We were windy and dusty the other day, which makes for a crazy looking sunset...still trying to adjust to our new environment ;)