Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let's Talk - Running - Where You Go

To me where I go walking/running makes a big difference.  I used to go to a local school near our house until they closed it to walkers due to construction.  Having to find somewhere new to go helped motivate me to become a runner and keep going.  It is pretty, there are always others walking/running there.  Seeing others run, helps me want to run and keep going.

My usual run/walk goes like this... walk up to the water tower, green jog down.  Total 2 miles.  (Over the cars and everything...heehee!)

This morning I did NOT want to go, but I knew that I would feel better afterwards.  It was cold, bitter cold.  I usually end up taking my jacket off at the top of the pink line. This time I didn't take it off until I was almost done.  By then the gloves came off, the jacket off and my headband/ear warmers got folded up like a bad 80's style.

Off to home and the shower, feeling good that I came out.  I think I am finally getting runner's high.  This morning as I turned around to run I actually felt my body relax.  I am liking the sound of the gravel under my feet, the rhythm of it.

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shelly said...

I've started walking the path by our house....except there's a ton of traffic between other people enjoying the nice path and the cars on the street (which let me tell you, nothing better than lungs full of exhaust to get you moving faster lol).