Saturday, February 16, 2013

Random, just Random

Life has been different lately, and that isn't all that bad.
*Son is bustin' his boo-tay  (and I mean bustin') to finish 9th grade homeschool so he can go to public school next school year.
*We didn't get matched for the boy we REALLY were hoping to get.  So, more inquiring and waiting.
*Daughter bought me this after her work the other night!  So sweet!
*I ran a mile yesterday!!  Walked two.
*Hubby's beard is growing on me.
*I actually sang a line of a song in tune the other night!!  The WHOLE line!  Too bad I didn't have it recorded or I would play it for you!
*Daughter is busy car searching...mustang, car searching!  She test drove one and is going to make an offer.
*Made this for a fellowship.  YUM!  I will have to post the recipe.  (I always say that and then forget.  Remind me!!)
 *Made these and this the other night for dinner.  The potatoes look better than they tasted.  (this is before they are cooked.)
 The fish was caught by my step-dad.

Hope you have a great (long) weekend!

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A said...

Mmmmm the cake looks good!!!