Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Talk - Running - Gear

When I first started out jogging I went in what ever I had in my closet.
*the closet thing to running/yoga pants that I had, which kept falling off.
*the only sneakers I had...toners.  Not ideal jogging shoes.
*cheap, cheap exercise bras.  Can someone say, "I am not running until I get a better bra?!"

Let's just say I have upgraded a bit since I made jogging a habit.
I bought:
*better exercise pants (that don't show the sweat!  Which is great, because I sweat...a lot!)
*actual running shoes.  I would recommend them, but really shoes are truly an individual thing.
*exercise-sweat whisking shirts, okay I sill run in regular shirts, but the whisking ones are great.
* and most importantly an REAL exercise bra.  Let me tell you the girls thank me every time I put it on!  Won't going running without it!  The one I bought is pricey BUT so worth it.  So comfortable I could wear it all day.  Really, go buy one!

Next I want one of these:
* a flip belt.
As of right now I hold my  keys, pepper spray and whatever else in my hands.  This would be great!

If you run/jog, what is your must have gear?

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