Sunday, April 11, 2010

Window Pane

Friday I had some time to work on the window pane.  I called in hubby for some how to advice.
Here he is pooping out one of the two remaining windows.  They came out MUCH easier then we thought they would!

Here I am scrapping off the loose paint.  This thing had paint chips chipping all over the place, which looked cool, but came off like nothing.  Can't have that all over the floor.
Here's our beloved Dolly.  She'd sit near by the whole time I was working, trying to stay in the shade.

The window had the original rope still on it.  I wanted to leave them but it won't work with the way I need to hang the pane.

In spite of having a bad virus for about two weeks now, hubby still managed to crack a smile!
What you see is the back of the window, by the way.
 Here is what was holding in the glass for the windows.  Hubby had to leave, so I finished pulling the rest of these diamonds out.  They came out very easy.  You can see DS's head down there getting into the action pulling some out!
Next the paint! 

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