Friday, April 2, 2010

Recent LOs

First, someone left me a comment starting "I don't know of you'll get this..."  I don't know what happened to your comment.  Never got to read it all.  Could you please comment again.  Thanks!

Now, I have been busy making LOs. 
to see more and for credits go here


JuliesAddiction said...

I was curious if you did a kit called 1st and Parkway? I think I purchased it at ScrapMatters? Anyway if you did, I just wanted to let you know that I did a layout with it and it got picked up by Memory Makers for a book they are publishing! The book is due out sometime next year and I just got notification that they picked up that particular layout. Is it in a store anywhere now?

Mandi said...

Hey girl!

Aaahhhh your site makes me feel so peaceful and relaxed. Seriously I love that beach.

Anywho- you were asking about stencils; I cut them with my pazzle. I just use cardstock for them to make it real real cheap. I know the hob lob has some too, but I don't want to be stuck with just one font, ya know?

Pressed Petals said...

Julies, I don't where else to contact you so I hope you read my comments! heehee! That is exciting about you getting published using my 1st and Parkway kit. I'd love to see your LO, and the link to the book. I don't sell in any store. But if you or someone wants to purchase any of my products they can through PayPal. Thanks!

Mandi said...

Yeah I know the pazzle is like waaaay too much $$$ but I bought mine from the classifieds from someone desperate to get a little cash, PLUS I share it with my SIL.

Seriously though, if you need some stencils cut, you let me know. I would love cutting them for you. It'd only take an envelope and a stamp to get 'em to ya, know what I mean?