Monday, April 19, 2010

which way to go...

i am in the midst of probably one too many projects all at once...but i like it this way...most of the time.

let me give you a quick run down (photos will follow as projects are done)
i painted the kitchen...antique lace with white trim.  i am redecorating it too.
redoing the kitchen vallances (not sure what i want exactly.)
redecorating the hallway.
have a ton of little decorations in my head.
still need to paint the office (that's on hold until we can find some wall lockers.)
need to finish the window project.
painted some letters today...pretty!
have material for pillows.
having some church ladies over on thursday...need to make munchies for that.
about to put on my shoes an go for a walk...laundry can be put away later!  heehee!

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BK said...

That certainly seemed like a lot of projects all at once. Hope everyone of them will turn out great.