Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bits of Food

Ever boiled eggs, peeled them and found some ugly looking eggs?
Not good, especially if those eggs are going to be Deviled Eggs for a function.
I heard that some vinegar in the water is the key.
And...well, it works like a charm!
(I used apple cider vinegar.)

It's hot here (supposed to be up to 108 this weekend!!).
I have been into making fruit shakes again.
Hubby calls them Slim and Slender Shakes, has since we first got married.
Here I have vanilla yogurt, soy milk, ground flax seed,
red apple, banana (freeze them when the are just about too rip)
orange slices, left over canned peaches and
sweet potato chunks.  I had one sweet potato, not enough for a meal.
So, I peeled, cut it ino chunks and boiled it.
Now I just take out about 4-5 chunks for the shakes!

This one, blended, was orange.
The one I made the next day was more pinkish purple.
I bought frozen blueberries, strawberries and had frozen blackberries.
Blend with whatever fruit you have...yum!
I have also added spinach never know they are in there!

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