Monday, June 7, 2010

DIY (with help)

Are do-it-yourself projects ever really done by yourself?
Most of mine couldn't have been done without my hubby.
He is kind enough to go along with my projects and lend a hand, advice and a few bucks when needed.

Here he is (sick as a dog).  He and our son pulled out the rope for me.

They helped me pull out a bunch of things that held the glass in place.
And he took out the two glass panes.

He went to pick up this dresser, very last minute, right now kind of thing.
He finished up the painting in the office.

He even took off the sticker that was over the 2 for me.
All this and MUCH more in the midst of his own stuff! 
Thank you Honey!  Can't do these without you!


Mandi said...

Aw he's a sweetie! Yes I like to say that I "TRY" to do everything I can by myself without help. . . but there's always those times that I just need a "can you help me carry it downstairs now?" type thing (like tonight for instance. :) said...

aww, what a nice guy to help you out! He's a cutie! You're a lucky gal.