Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Here's what we've been up to the last few days.
We went to the mountains nearby.

Went go-carting...this is the clearest photo I took.

We did this maze...
This is right before we went in.  It rained so hard that we didn't finish. 
There was at least two inches of water rushing on the ground, POURING rain, lightening
(which wasn't safe).
Hubby and I ended up crawling under to get out. 
We were all soaked, soaked good.
We sure won't forget this!

We went to Billy the Kid Territory.
Here is our nephew reading about Billy.

I thought is sign on an old box in the original store was interesting.

Here's our nephew again...walking like a a gun fight...

 Oh to be walking down one of the most dangerous streets (former) as an 11 year boy.

He is the only one who'd pose for me.
He is in front of some bullet holes supposedly from Billy the Kid.
The man he shot made it out the door and died.

This poor cow brings back memeories of when we went to England.
I left my first born at home.  I was nursing...couldn't pump for over 24 hours.
This is how I felt.
See you all later!


Mandi said...

Where are you? That looks awesome. Kinda reminds me of a trip I took to La Mesilla with my sister a couple years back. :)

p.s. the cow picture is heelarious.

Michele said...

An ad for cough drops! I think I need that. lol