Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Mumblings

We had/have a dilema, if you will, at our house. 

Yucky toothbrush holder (wet, gooey, toothpaste, etc in the cup) +
Neither of the kids admitting to being gross doing it =
Separate cups.

The messy one is one we suspected.
However, that child is taking better care to be cleaner!

A few weeks ago I found this cute little shelf at the thrift store.

Gave it a little paint job.
And hung it in the bathroom. 

This is my dream car.
I don't know how much it is, how it drives, or how it feels inside...
BUT it is the cutest, chicest (is that a word?), coolest car!
There was one parked at a neighbor's and I fell in love right there.
Notice it's a two-door! 
I joke with the kids that this will be my car when they move out!
I want it just like the one on the photo, cream with the black strips!

I feel SO lazy today.  We have been non-stop for awhile.
A good non-stop.
And it is about to get busy again. 
We have family coming for two weeks in about a week.
So today is really the only day that is sort of chill.
So if I don't post as much you'll know why.

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StitchnStudio said...

Keep that dream car in mind. I to have a dream car in mind when my two children grow up. Love your blog and Susan Boyle sang to me all the way. :)