Friday, June 11, 2010

Elbow Grease and Finger Grim, Keeping it Real

I have a challenge for you.
If you're like me, you read through all of those pretty blogs, (you know the ones).
The houses are gorgeous.
Always clean and tidy.
You think, golly, how do they make all of those goodies, keep up with the kids and hubbies,
and keep a clean house.

To be fair, I have seen some that keep it real by posting laundry photos, etc.

So my challenge for you is to post some real shots.
I may even make this a regular challenge.

This first challenge is to clean your table and chairs.
I don't mean your usual wipe down.
You need to flip them over (you'll be grossed out by what's there),
 scrub them down with cleanser
put some elbow grease into it.
(These photos don't show you the full extent of the grim.)

I am not going to be giving away prizes, but if you post your grimey cleaned tables on your blgos,
and link me to it in the comments I may feature you.
And who doesn't want more blog exposer.
Plus you'll get a clean house while inspiring (sp?) 
millions (ok maybe I am getting carried away)
to do the same.

I had my daughter carry the table out to the lawn.
Tipped everything over, sprayed with Simple Green.
Did a first wipe down, then scrubbed these dirties
with Comet powder.
(Geesh, our grass looks super green thanks to the Pioneer Woman and her actions!)
While I washed the table on the ground
the chairs were washed on the table.

After a good scrubbing they all got sprayed with the hose.
I can't show you the after photo.
I am waiting for the kids to come home from the library to help me bring in the table.
And while I am not sure what's for dinner, I do know that it will be eaten on a clean table!

OH...tip...when you clean your chairs, start with the dirtiest one.  That way when you're getting
tired and your fingers are hurting...well, you know what I mean.
Are you with me?

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