Wednesday, October 13, 2010

catching up

Note: none of the photos have been touched up.  No time.

I made a very YUMMY syrup Monday morning.  Super Sweet.
Here's the recipe: Essential Buttermilk Syrup.
 Perfect for my favorite Peak Tea bottles.  {Can't fine them in glass anymore. :( }
Columbus Day we went to the mtns. looking for foilage (too early) and to get the BEST malt shakes in these here parts!  Burger Trolley, an old trolley that you could totally miss if you didn't know about it! 
Mmmm...the chocolate malt is so worth the wait. 
I dyed my hair a couple of weeks ago.  It came out a bit too dark, but it's growing on me. 
I was so tired of the highlights.
Yesterday we went to the Science Museum 1 1/2 hours away.  We have waited for hubby to have a day off to join us down there.  I have to say we were disappointed.   We did the activities they had, but didn't really get them, since there wasn't much explaination as to what you were doing.  Excuse the photos, the lighting was horrible.
 Coolest shot...hubby's hand on...well, ?  something cool.

 They had our nail experiment mega sized.  Much harder.

This thingy was fun.  You get on and give it a little push and whoosh you are spinning like c.r.a.z.y.

I bought these two lap blankets for $1 each!  Lovely bargain.

In the car for another trip out of town soon.  Dermatologist for our daughter. 

On a good note our cinderblock is getting fixed as I type.

I will pick the winner of the fabric tomorrow, so you still have a bit of time. 

Oh,'s the recipe for the pork.

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Mandi said...

Thank you for the recipe!

Your hair is lovely, by the way.