Monday, October 25, 2010

Noodling Hot Dogs and Leaves

This was one of those recipes you find on a blog from a blog...
We used thin wheat spaghetti noodles.  If i were to make this again, I'd use regular spag. noodles.  The thin ones broke too easy.
 After boiled in water.
 I added canned cheese (first time using, and probably last).
 Served with my new favorite vegie.
Overall rating...ok.  Probably won't make again, but fun for daughter and I to make.  We had the guys guess how the noodles got in the hot dogs.

Saw this idea here today and had to do it. 
I have had this container of dried leaves from Vermont for years just sitting there.
Oh, I forgot to take a photo of the wax. 
It's canning wax. 
I cut part of a section off and melted.

Put them on foil, as wax paper stuck too much.

 Hang them as you wish.

 The fellow in the bottom row on the far left is hubby's grandfather.
This was a quick and addicting craft. 
I want to wax everything!
It all looks better in real life.
The yellow leaves are from our yard.


Mandi said...

Totally enjoying your music collection today-- it's just so dreamy.

And speaking of dreamy: love love that old window with the leaves and the old pictures. That is dreamy.

Patti said...

The asparagus looks yummy!!
My fabric arrived- THANK YOU! I am recovering a pad on an antique chair I have plus my daughter-in-love is sewing a pillow for me! I will post photos when we are done. Thank you so much!!

Monique said...

Love the look of those waxed leaves, Christine, those Hot Dog Noddles not so much....