Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kielbasa Cabbage Soup & A Giveaway

Here's one of the recipes I made from In My Kitchen.

Yikes!  The photos are out of order and Blogger is giving me a pain. (maybe it's me.)
This is photo #2...onions, garlic, tomatoes and kielbasa cooking...can you smell the goodness?

Photo #3...The finished product!  It was YUM good.  The kids did not like it though.  Hubby and I love it!  Such a good comfort food.  Will def cook this again when the weather cools down.
 Photo #1...The ingredients.  I made my own navy beans and cooked a diced fresh tomato.
I also have a GIVEAWAY!  2 yards of the above fabric.  It is washed already, hence the wrinkled look.  I loved it when I saw it on Etsy, but it doesn't go with anything in our house.  Check out Down Shadow Lane's shop.  Such cute and fun fabric.  She is a nice lady and very professional.

So, here's the deal: (only number one is needed, but you can better your chances with the other dealies!)
1. Leave a comment (with your email address).
2. Blog about it (link me to your post)
3. Tweet/Facebook about it (again link me)

I will pick a winner in a few days!



Patti said...

woohoo, loved the recipe and love the giveaway! I think you know my email,but just in case it's ...and I will link from my blog:) Love your background!

Mandi said...

Wahoo! That's beautiful. You've got my email, dontcha?

Pressed Petals said... it!

Pressed Petals said...

Patti...thanks for your email and liking my background. I was just thinking of changing it. maybe I'll hold off.

Liz said...

That soup looks tasty, and I love the fabric!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

suzielarose said...

Wow... two goods things in one post! Thanks for the recipe..a fall winner!

Kat from California said...

I finally figured out that with blogger they imput the pictures backwards (if you are doing them in a batch). I guess that makes sense on how you upload them to a page. I hate the new blogger picture thing because you have to start from scratch to get a picture to work again. ugh!!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you now.