Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yum Yum Yum

Every other Saturday I plan out the menu for the next two weeks. Though I have lots of recipe books (my hubby and I are addicted) I get tired of the same old same old. So I look online. One of my favorite sites is the Tasty Kitchen. I learned something new too. When you click on the recipes some will have a link to the related blog post.  So I found another favorite blog! In My Kitchen...I emptied the rest of the black ink printing up recipes!   

I am going to make these goodies.

Garlic Fried Rice
Fruit-on-the-Bottom Baked Oatmeal
Essential Buttermilk Syrup (perfect since we just ran out of syrup)

I will try to post photos on my attempts.  Have great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, The food pics look great and very good to eat!! Mom (Bea)