Thursday, October 21, 2010


This topic came up in our house the Micheal Jackson song Wanna be Starting Something (playing below) what are they saying at the end (4:44) of the song?

1. Mama se mama sa ma ma ma coo African chant.

2.  I'm gonna sing from the side of the mountain side?

Try to guess from memory. 

The discussion was between my hubby and I.  One of us was an MJ fan!

There was another song from my high school days (I can't remember who or what is was) where the words got confused.  We were watching MTV and the video had cherokee indians riding on horses.  My mom asked "Why are they singing about Cheryl Tiggs?"  I will never forget that.


Patti said...

if you find out, let me know!!

Anonymous said...

well lets see, it sings

Mama se,
Mama sa, mama coo sa
Mama se, mama sa,
Mama coo sa x10
I want to make her say

the winner is the African chant

Mandi said...

I always thought it was a chant, too. Now I wanna know!