Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Story pt 3

I have totally left you all hanging in the Our Story saga!
First, I have to explain the photo above.
This is from our recent photo shoot with a young lady at church.
She's still learning and did a great job.
Hubby, however was working on the church and stopped just for the shoot.  He still had a lot of work to do, so his mind was not into the shoot.  So, this is totally staged and looking uncomfortable.

Anyway, back to our love story. 
After being totally frank and embarrassing we kept on dating.  My boldness is what saved the relationship.  Thank God for that.  It gets pretty boring from here.  Good thing it was a quick courtship. (8 months in all.)  During our courtship we took drives, hiked, hung out at my mom's house.  (I still lived at home.)  We even had Grammar lessons.  Hubby wanted help with his grammar.  So, I would teach him something and then give him home work.  Romantic, huh!  No way would that happen now!  (Disclaimer* I am by no means any good at grammar.)

One of the big events was going back to meet his family.  Now we were in California and his family in Massachusetts.  I had never been back east before.  Let me pause here and add that this trip meant something different for everyone involved.  For hubby and I it meant this was getting serious.  Meeting his family and all.  For his family, I think they knew it was probably serious.  He had never brought anyone home before.  For my mom, well she told me not to go.  Honestly, I don't totally blame her. 
Hubby paid for the whole trip and we stayed at his parents' house.  We took the red eye flight and talked the whole way, or did he fall asleep?  Probably fell asleep.
I spent a month there and did he show me the town!  We went all over Mass., to Maine, Illinois, Niagara Falls, took a ferry to Nova Scotia, drove through New Hampshire, and on and on.  I rode my first subway, called T's.  Fell in love with their accent and Harry's Pizza and the Red Sox. 
(I will have to get the scanner cranking here and post some photos.) 
There is really SO much to tell.  Since some of my in-laws read this blog I will spare some of the details.  I truly had a wonderful time.  While my hubby's family and mine are very, very different in so many ways, they were very welcoming and nice.  I only hope that I was as nice to them.  I was still pretty shy and honestly a bit overwhelmed with it all.
I met all of his school buddies.  Were talking elementary school friends.  They still talk to this day.  I met all of the family there.  We even drove across country with his parents.  Yikes, that was something!  I will have to write for the next post.  All-in-all we had a wonderful time.  It was to be one of many trips back east.  Mass. has become one of my favorite places to be.  My space in Heaven will look like Mass.

Until next time...

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