Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wrap This

Phew...I need to catch you all up.

First, our son is doing good after his surgery.  He only had one hernia, not two.  So, he only has one incision.  He's in a bit of pain, but the drugs are helping! ;)

Now to catch you up..
 Snow flakes made by kiddos!

 Picked this up at Pier 1.  Works SO good as a trivet!  Never mind the dried on food.


(Only half really fit into our house!)
I think we went a bit over our height limit.  shhh...

This is the first year hubby has put the lights on the tree.
The job usually falls on me.

 I'm fixing my hair honest!  He did a great job with the lights.

 Son did most of the decorating this year.  I honestly didn't do much at all.

The finished tree.

A little something I made as gifts.  (saw it on a blog)
I kept the worst ones for us.

Awhile ago our son asked a question that got me thinking.  I finally put this up.
It's for our prayer requests, verses, songs, etc. 
At first the kids balked at the idea, but it's pretty full already!

Now to close, my good friend sent me this knowing my love for...well I don't want to spoil it!


Mandi said...

How'd you stamp those clothes pins? Cute!

So glad your son is doing okay. I hope the pain goes away real soon!

Pressed Petals said...

Mandi...thanks! You are such a faithful commentor! I used the very small stamps from Hobby Lobby. Used my 40% off coupon from the internet too! Always good!