Friday, December 17, 2010

worth every penny

*I did not get any $$ for these endorsements.*  Too bad, huh!

Here's a bit of a product review for ya.  They are each worth every penny.

Gold Bond totally helps dry hands!  Stays on too.  No guilt buying this one.

If you have hard water, water so hard it either eats away your faucets or calichifies on them then you NEED this!  Spray this on, let it sit and wipe away.  Works best on a caliche free surface, not layers of growth.  If you catch my drift.  For that you'll need a white vinegar bath overnight.  No not you!

Again, WOW for hard water!  Dishes come out clean every time.  Especially if the dog has licked them first!

Not for hard water, but for DRY hair.  My hair stylist Ceasar recommended this and LOVE it!  I did find it cheaper then what he was selling it to me for!  But we won't tell him.  Speaking of Ceasar, I need to make an appointment.

Last but not least for your laundry.  You know those stains you can't get out, those under arm stains and smells that don't come out...soak the clothes in a bucket of water mixed with this good stuff and most, if not all of your stains will come out.  The smells too.  One word of warning, will turn off white clothes white and may fade some colored clothes.


Mandi said...

That is the 2nd time I've been referred to Lemi Shine, so obviously I need to get it because we have a HUGE dishwasher problem. Where'd you buy yours?

Pressed Petals said...

WalMart. (We have a super Walmart, but you may be able to find it at a regular walmart.)